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The Bryson Signature Series features Bryson DeChambeau’s uniquely designed woods and single length irons. Both are produced on LA Golf’s patented 16-sided HD tooling, which has been scientifically proven to enhance feel, performance, and durability.


The Bryson Signature Series wood shaft focuses on stability and accuracy, resulting in a low launching, low spinning, fairway finder. The new design features more feel in the hands and increased workability for a wide variety of swing types. 


The Bryson Signature Series iron shafts are designed to maximize stability and control in a single length iron set (each shaft is 38”). These come in a variety of flexes, allowing all players to hit more greens consistently. 


We produce two different profiles, both .355 tapered tip: a scoring iron for accuracy and a long iron which aids in a higher launch. Bryson plays the higher launch profile in his 4,5 and the scoring iron profile in his 6-W. You can customize this combination based on your game. 

Ships within 2 weeks