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LA Golf LA Golf

We’ve seen it all before. The latest golf thing that’s approved by a well-known golfer and is supposed to help us with the two things that frustrate us: power and accuracy.

Some of the top players in the game help design our shafts, test them, win tournaments with them, and are investors in Our company. Their company.

LA Golf
LA Golf
LA Golf
LA Golf LA Golf


Our Pros have skin in the game not only from a winning perspective but from a financial perspective.

More importantly, you can purchase the very equipment that they’re using. Today.

Not to beat the importance of this point into the ground, but when you watch a Formula 1 car race to victory and then you get into your supercar from the same manufacturer, in your heart, you know it’s not the same thing regardless of what the emblem says.

On the other hand, when Dustin Johnson or Bryson DeChambeau power to a victory, just go to our website and order the same equipment that they’re using.


Whether you are a high handicap or a scratch golfer, our LA Golf proprietary shaft designs allow you to be more athletic and less mechanical.


Instead of telling you, here’s a demonstration of Bryson DeChambeau in the process of winning the 2021 Arnold Palmer.

LA Golf

All of the above takes practice. Where we can help you is with our American designed, engineered, and manufactured golf shafts. How?

A bending profile is a summary of the distribution of stiffness over the length of the shaft. This summary describes how a shaft will bend when loaded with energy in the swing and how it will release that energy just prior to impact. This profile plays a role in the technical aspect of the ball flight produced and how a shaft feels to the player. Finding the right profile can dramatically increase your repeatability, distance, and accuracy.

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Or as Bryson says:

“My goal is to create the most repeatable Swing possible, and LA Golf makes the most consistent shaft I’ve ever tried.”

It’s time to own and play what the best professionals own and play. la golf shaft

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